Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too easy

A diaper bag with two different sized diapers, wipes, changing mats, extra change of clothes for Mr & Miss Puke & Poop, extra burp rags, epi pen & Benadryl, toys, hand sanitizer, bottle, formula, water, sippy cup with water, Cheerios, puffs... two blankies, one Georgie, one Canon, two nuks. Once I had everything gathered then it was time to begin the dressing process. Two coats, two pairs of shoes and two hats. Plus one nuk hook.
Usually by then at least one child was crying. I'd take the diaper bag and stuffed animals out to the car. Get Max out the door and scoop up Elle. While making sure Max didn't wander off, I would wrestle Ellie into her car seat. After she was situated with her blankie, nuk and toy, it was Maxer's turn. He, of course, had to assist in the buckling process. Once his nuk, Georgie, Canon & blankie were in place, I climbed into the front seat. Then I got out of the car and ran into the house to get the car keys- I always forget the car keys- and whatever else might be necessary that particular day- Tylenol, teether, Mylicon... Back into the front seat, turn around and practically climb into the back seat to get Max's animal off the floor and Ellie's nuk back in her mouth. As I turned around I realized I had the single stroller in the car and needed the double stroller. So out of the car one more time to take the one-seater out of the back and throw the four-hundred pound two-seater in... Finally, after one more animal retrieval and nuk finding mission we were on our way... to the co-op. That's it. Not some big four week excursion. Just going to pick up some rice milk, mish mash and soy cheese.
Taking an autistic toddler and nine-month old out for even a quick errand by yourself is no small feat. You have to be prepared for every possible diaper, puke or hunger disaster. Max needs things to go pretty much the same way every time we run an errand or there will be screaming. Don't even get me started on loading the kids into the strollers, the actual shopping and checking out at the cash register....By the time we got back from one short trip to the health food store I was exhausted. 

Today the pharmacy started in with the harassing "come pick up your meds" calls. So I threw Max's shoes and coat on, and grabbed my wallet and his animals/ "friends." His diaper bag pretty much stays in the car because we don't go anywhere now. I put him into his seat and handed over his friends. I did come back in to get the car keys and then we were off. We got to CVS, parked, I took Max out of the car, we walked in, got our meds and left. That's it.

I miss everything about her. EVERYTHING. I even miss the extra work that it took to run a simple errand by myself. I love the craziness of being a mom. Some people might take pride in making a big sale, performing a surgery, whatever- I liked the sense of accomplishment I felt after taking two kids under two to run errands by myself. Its a lot of work. I miss that. I miss the chaos and noise. I miss the extra work of our baby. Its too quiet and simple now.

Elle Belle~ I miss you puking on my shirt two seconds after I get out of the shower, I miss changing your disgusting overflowing diapers. I miss your snot nose and the drool marks you left on my shoulders. I miss trying to cram your stuff into the diaper bag with Max's. I miss your dirty laundry and stinky pudgy toes. I miss your sticky half eaten puffs and grubby mashed banana covered hands. Mama misses you Peanut!

State Fair= two single strollers

Double Stroller= small bus


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